Game on: the rules of recruitment have changed

Game on: the rules of recruitment have changed

By Grace Ormsby on 23 May 2018 Talent engagement is vital for recruitment, according to recruitment software company, Zoho.

Ninety per cent of recruitment is being driven by candidates, with employers driving recruitment only 10 per cent of the time, Kruthi Gonwar, a Zoho content marketer, explained to Gartner ReimagineHR conference attendees.

Ms Gonwar says a change in recruitment thinking is needed, with candidate engagement now beginning before a candidate even applies for a job advertised by an organisation.

Employers and recruiters must re-consider their entire recruitment process, from before a potential candidate even applies, to securing and hiring talent and to on-boarding new employees, Ms Gonwar said.

The changing job market is attributable to the effects of social media, resulting in a transition from passive to active candidates, she said.

The power of social media

To engage top talent, Ms Gonwar advised organisations to update their talent sources and consider new ways to advertise positions through new, or different, job boards. Maintaining an active social media presence was also important, with social media presenting an opportunity to attract and engage with candidates. She said it was important to keep candidates in the loop, providing transparency and emotional engagement.

She warned against using haphazard hiring processes. Creating positive candidate experiences were essential, and effective sourcing was no longer enough to bring candidates in, she said.

Ms Gonwar said candidates should feel valued and be talked through the recruitment process. She emphasised that “it’s always the human interaction that’s going to matter the most.”

Human interaction needed to continue past the hiring stage, to integrating a new recruit into the organisation. Ms Gonwar said new employees should be made to feel important and valued.

Organisations should ensure potential candidates had access to the information they needed, and re-think the way candidates can apply for positions.

Ms Gonwar suggested organisations should avoid using misguiding job templates or complex and repetitive application forms. For optimal engagement, she recommended organisations switch to reliable recruitment solutions, automate their work where possible, gain insights from the data they are collecting and use these insights to make informed and strategic recruitment decisions.

WorkplaceInfo attended the Gartner ReimagineHR 2018 conference in Sydney on May 14 and 15 as a guest.


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