Notes on Internal Recruitment Policy

As well as being a part of career planning for employees, internal recruitment can provide recognition of an individual's skills.

Internal recruitment allows an organisation to use the skills of its existing workforce.

Internal recruitment can be used to promote from within as part of career planning for employees as well as providing recognition of an individual's skills.

As with external recruitment, the process for internal recruitment should also be entirely based on the merit of the candidate and not on an irrelevant characteristic of the candidate, for example their age or race.

A policy on internal recruitment should clearly state the process to be followed and the criteria for assessing whether the person is suitable for the job. This will ensure employees are aware of their position and so that possible discriminatory practices can be avoided.

Guidelines for drafting a policy

Issues which should be included are:
  • a statement that all positions that become vacant in the organisation will be advertised internally as well as externally
  • encouragement of current employees to apply for suitable positions as they arise
  • ow applications will be assessed and how this impacts on internal applicants
  • details of the application procedure
  • details of how internal applicants and their managers will be notified of successful/unsuccessful applications
  • the amount of notice of changing positions/departments
  • any period of training or support
  • review of performance in the new position
  • remuneration in the new position
  • how disputes over internal transfers will be handled, including reference to the organisation’s grievance handling procedure — in the case that your organisation encourages appeals from management decisions.
Sample documentation

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