Infographic: Retaining staff


Infographic: Retaining staff

Our new infographic looks at how to cost employee turnover and facts about employee engagement.

“Your people are your greatest asset” might be a commonly-repeated HR motherhood statement, but failing to understand and act on it can lead to costly employee turnover.

Australia's average average annual rate of employee resignations (excludes dismissals and redundancies) is 12.2 per cent (according to the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) 2014 National Salary Survey).

The three main reasons why people leave an organisation are lack of promotional opportunity (20%), poor relationships with management (17%) and insufficient pay (12%).

Organisations should consider focusing on the three most popular interventions for improving staff retention: better induction processes (12%), improved employee communication (12%) and better selection techniques (10%). Organisational brand can also be a positive retention factor (source: AHRI Pulse Turnover and Retention Report, 2013).

Find out the cost of employee turnover and facts about employee engagement in this new infographic.

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