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  • Junior rates – issues paper

    23 December 1998

    The junior rates issues paper was handed down today by a Full Bench of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (Munro J, Duncan DP, Raffaelli C). (Issues Paper – Junior Rates Inquiry; Print Q9610).

  • Review of affirmative action legislation – report released

    22 December 1998

    Changes to the reporting requirements and format are just two of the changes recommended in the report of the review of the affirmative action legislation.

  • Small business currently excluded

    18 December 1998

    As reported yesterday (HRLink 151/98) the federal government has moved to give effect to its intention to exempt small business from federal unfair dismissal provisions by making new regulations to the Workplace Relations Act 1996.

  • Splinters away

    18 December 1998

    A Full Bench of the IRCNSW (Wright P, Hungerford, Schmidt JJ, Sams DP and Redman C) today handed down principles governing the operation of s19 of the (NSW) Industrial Relations Act 1996.

  • Awa update 18/12/98

    18 December 1998

    During November, 3,753 Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) were approved, bringing the total number of AWAs approved as at 30 November to 41,910.

  • Unfair dismissal laws implemented through regulation

    17 December 1998

    The Federal Government has moved decisively to partly implement its policy on unfair dismissals through regulations.

  • Awas – addressing work and family

    16 December 1998

    The office of the Employment Advocate has released a brochure providing examples of how Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) have been used to improve the balance between work and family.

  • Amendments to nsw regulations

    16 December 1998

    The regulations associated with the Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW) have recently been amended in relation to authority to prosecute under the Act and fees and penalty notices.

  • Pre-employment testing

    9 December 1998

    Employers who conduct pre-employment testing can be unintentionally breaching anti-discrimination laws in their recruitment practices.

  • Building and construction industry handbook

    8 December 1998

    The Building and Construction Industry Handbook is a practical guide to help small business employers in the building and construction industry understand their rights and obligations under New South Wales industrial legislation.

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