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  • Western Australia 2000: the year in review

    20 December 2000

    Western Australia is gearing up for a possible change of Government in the new year, which would dramatically change the industrial landscape, with a swing back to the collective.

  • South Australia 2000: the year in review

    20 December 2000

    South Australia set the pace industrially this year on the issue of casualisation, as other jurisdictions conducted test cases designed to increase remuneration for non-permanent workers.

  • Players divided over Abbott appointment

    20 December 2000

    Prime Minister John Howard may be happy about moving Employment Services Minister Tony Abbott to replace Peter Reith as Workplace Relations Minister, but the reshuffle has caused concern already amongst other players concerned with the new Minister’s reputation as a headkicker.

  • Tasmania 2000: the year in review

    19 December 2000

    It has been a full year for Tasmania, with ongoing negotiations over new industrial relations legislation, a pay equity principle being handed down, and changes to both the state and federal industrial relations commissions.

  • Victoria 2000: the year in review

    19 December 2000

    Two major themes have dominated the Victorian industrial landscape this year – the investigation into the State’s industrial relations system and subsequent introduction of new legislation, and Campaign 2000.

  • New South Wales 2000: the year in review

    18 December 2000

    It has been another full year in NSW, with that state leading the way in the pay equity movement that is sweeping the country.

  • Queensland 2000: the year in review

    18 December 2000

    In line with an election promise, and one of the key recommendations of the 1998 Taskforce Inquiry into the State’s IR system, IR Minister Paul Braddy announced in September that Queensland would conduct a pay equity inquiry, to report to him by March.

  • Workplace approach to casuals becoming more inventive: ACIRRT

    12 December 2000

    The boom in casual employment over the past decade has led Australian workplaces to develop more innovative approaches to dealing with this type of work, according to a new report produced for WorkplaceInfo by our partner the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training.

  • Labour lawyers offer expanded coverage

    8 December 2000

    Changes made by the Court Government to workers’ compensation laws some years ago have helped a consortium of labour lawyers move from workers’ compensation cover to offering legal services to all Australians on an extended range of matters – including criminal and family law – for $4 a week.

  • MUA may appeal to High Court on Burnie ruling

    7 December 2000

    The Maritime Union of Australia has not ruled out an appeal to the High Court against yesterday’s Federal Court decision that said an employer was within its rights to offer employment to a new worker conditional on the acceptance of an Australian Workplace Agreement.

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