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  • Principles underpinning privacy legislation

    21 December 2001

    The new privacy law to apply to Australian private industry from 21 December 2001 is based on 10 principles that express the major issues making-up a legitimate privacy regime.

  • Della Bosca opens vault on labour hire report

    20 December 2001

    Legally clarifying the question of who is an 'employer' in the labour hire relationship is one of the NSW Labour Hire Taskforce's key recommendations to the Carr Government in its final report, which was released yesterday almost a year after it was handed to IR Minister John Della Bosca.

  • Privacy policy - statement of company policy

    20 December 2001

    A policy expressing the position of an organisation on the question of personal information held by that organisation about individuals is central to any compliance regime under the federal privacy legislation applying to private industry from 21 December 2001.

  • SA casuals get parental leave

    18 December 2001

    Casual workers in South Australia who have served 12 months with their employers will now be eligible for 12 months' unpaid parental leave, after a full bench of the SA Industrial Relations Commission varied four awards to allow for a flow-on of this year's federal decision (see 115/2001).

  • Qantas escalating dispute: union

    17 December 2001

    Qantas is denying union claims that a leaked internal memo shows it plans to escalate over the Christmas period its current dispute with maintenance workers over a wages freeze.

  • Privacy principles - use and disclosure

    14 December 2001

    Privacy law will soon extend to corporate business in Australia.

  • Decentralisation and the growth of 12-hour shifts

    14 December 2001

    Unsafe shiftworking arrangements were increasingly likely in Australia because of an 'outcome-focused and inadequate' system of IR regulation which paid little heed to workplace health and safety, a new paper has found.

  • Privacy Act countdown is on

    13 December 2001

    Privacy law will soon extend to corporate business in Australia.

  • Bank workers warn bosses on strike eve: we're watching you

    12 December 2001

    The big four Australian banks have the same views and policies about workers' wages and conditions because they form a type of cartel, holding between 150 million and 350 million shares in each other's organisations, according to the NSW head of the Finance Sector Union.

  • Taking the hassle out of holiday leave

    11 December 2001

    It's that time of the year when holidays are on everyone's minds, and employers are often faced with some complex issues and questions related to leave entitlements and annual close-down

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