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  • NSW awards allow for union deductions

    23 December 2002

    Unions are claiming a win after a full bench of the NSW IRC ruled that employees should have a right to have their union dues deducted from their pay and forwarded to their union at their request.

  • Union fee clauses could be allowed in NSW

    19 December 2002

    The question of whether union bargaining fees clauses can be included in NSW enterprise agreements will be decided by the NSW IRC on a case by case basis, after a full bench of the Commission decided today to insert a new clause into the principles for approving an EA.

  • Abbott puts unions on notice over industrial action

    19 December 2002

    Federal Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott today announced plans for new get-tough measures - including jail terms - for workers who break the law, saying the Government had to act to prevent the industrial 'lawlessness' that prevailed when 'virtually no attempt' was made to enforce industrial tribunals' orders.

  • ETPs are up for discussion

    19 December 2002

    The Australian Taxation Office has issued a draft ruling on Eligible Termination Payments (ETPs) - attempting to clarify the concept.

  • ADAM: pattern bargaining in the spotlight

    19 December 2002

    Construction agreements provided for the biggest wage increases (4.5%), followed by metal manufacturing (4.4%) and electricity, gas and water (4.3%). The lowest AAWIs came from agreements in the mining sector (3.4%), recreational and personal services and public administration ( both 3.5%).

  • All Qld workers now have minimum wage

    19 December 2002

    Employers have expressed concern about a decision today by a full bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to rule on a minimum wage of $431.40 to cover all non-award covered workers in the state.

  • NSW nurses win 6% in extra pay claim

    19 December 2002

    Opposition Leader John Brogden supported the increase, and said the Opposition would support any future wage rises for nurses, who were 'chronically overworked and underpaid'.

  • Industrial disputes down on previous month

    18 December 2002

    The number of working days lost in September due to industrial disputation fell on the previous month's figures, and were also down on the previous year.

  • Employers gear up for redundancy test case submissions

    18 December 2002

    Conciliation by a senior member of the federal Industrial Relations Commission has resolved a number of smaller issues ahead of next year's test case on the doubling of federal redundancy items, but the 'big ticket' issues remain to be dealt with.

  • BHP workers decry email policy, Christmas 'scroogery'

    17 December 2002

    Despite the workers this morning also voting for the AWU to meet with BHP to discuss its email policy, Goh said the union had not approached the company, and the company had likewise not approached the union.

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