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  • Australia’s wages growth forecast

    23 December 2003

    Wages growth, however, doesn’t signal a wages blowout. ‘Forecasts of Australia’s key economic indicators by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the Federal Government, and the HSBC Group indicates no real threat of a wages blowout in the short to medium term with moderate growth in wages expected,’ the ADAM Report from acirrt, The University of Sydney, said.

  • ACT long service leave amended – entitlement on termination

    23 December 2003

    An ACT worker whose employment is terminated is now entitled to pro-rata long service leave after five years service under amendments to long service leave laws. The principal statute on long service leave in the ACT now gives employees who are dismissed for other than serious misconduct the right to pro rata long service leave after five years service (previously seven years).

  • Coal mining industry loses most days to disputes

    23 December 2003

    Coal mining is the worst performing industry when it comes to working days lost per thousand employees due to industrial disputes.  

  • International news on work and family

    22 December 2003

    The report identifies employment, unemployment, under-employment and over-employment levels by age, gender and education levels.  

  • Work and Family Test Case: update

    19 December 2003

    After months of conciliation, the ACTU Work and Family Test Case was yesterday referred to the Full Bench of the AIRC.

  • IR news and views: highlights from 2003

    19 December 2003

    New leave arrangements and part-time work headlined the ACTU Work and Family Test Case lodged in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (238).

  • Gender pay test case lodged in Queensland

    19 December 2003

    Equal pay will be put to the test in a series of cases to come before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

  • National Wage Case 2004: update

    19 December 2003

    If the ACTU claim is successful, the full-time minimum federal award safety net wage will increase from $448.40 to $475 per week, taking the minimum hourly rate to $12.50.

  • Federal Government gatecrashes NSW casuals’ case

    19 December 2003

    If the NSW Labor Council’s Test Case is successful it will restrict employers’ ability to employ casuals, labour-hire workers and contractors, the Federal Workplace Relations Minister, Kevin Andrews, said.

  • Transmission of business appeals to go ahead

    15 December 2003

    The Federal Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews said this was a concern because there was ‘no commercial connection between Gribbles and the outgoing employer, except both were involved at different times with a third party who licensed them to use the premises and equipment’.

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