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Mixed blessings in Burnie as industry booms but jobs still lacking (22/02/2018)
Jobs and the economy are dominant election issues in the coastal town of Burnie, in Tasmania's north-west.
Source: ABC

Stop doing companies’ digital busywork for free (22/02/2018)
Many researchers recognize professional workplaces are becoming more bureaucratic, managing workers through documentation and quantification. But fewer acknowledge the expansion of this logic into private life.
Source: The Conversation

Diverse and inclusive organisations: It is no tempest in a teapot, it is a serious business issue (22/02/2018)
Attracting, retaining and promoting high-quality female talent within the legal profession continues to be a vexed issue.
Source: Mondaq

FWC says Uber driver not an employee: where next for the share economy? (22/02/2018)
The question of whether Uber drivers are 'employees' or 'independent contractors' has recently been considered by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in Australia
Source: Mondaq

Trends in enterprise bargaining (22/02/2018)
If the trends reported in recent data about agreement making are any indicator, enterprise bargaining is now facing a period of decline.
Source: Mondaq

When Diversity Training Is a Waste of Time and Employers’ Money (22/02/2018)
I may be the only diversity trainer who is often anti-diversity training. It’s not because I don’t enjoy what I do. It’s not because I’m no good at it. It’s because half the leaders who contact me for diversity training don’t need it.
Source: Workforce