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Truckie assaulted during union strike at Port of Melbourne, court hears (12/12/2017)
Trucks have stopped trying to enter a Melbourne shipping terminal after union workers barricading the dock knocked out the teeth of a driver earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Victoria has heard.
Source: ABC

Education jobs row leaves loudest voice of the workers of WA strangely silent (11/12/2017)
When key union leaders gathered for a group selfie last week to protest against hundreds of job cuts in education, there was one noticeable absentee.
Source: ABC

NSW employers no longer able to discriminate against pregnant job seekers (11/12/2017)
A legal exemption that entitles employers to refuse to hire pregnant women will be removed next year, the New South Wales Attorney General, Mark Speakman has announced.
Source: ABC

Union cries foul as independent review says NT St John Ambulance 'functions well' (11/12/2017)
The paramedics' union has criticised an independent report which found the NT St John Ambulance service to be satisfactory, pointing to examples of staff vomiting from exhaustion and delayed responses to emergency calls because of overtime concerns.
Source: ABC

The 'inequality wars': CEO pay is one part of complex picture post-GFC (8/12/2017)
Over the past year, there has been considerable disagreement about whether inequality has been rising or falling in Australia.
Source: ABC

Far-right activist 'taunted' Toll by wearing old work shirt during Sam Dastyari ambush, court hears (8/12/2017)
A Melbourne court has ordered a far-right activist to return his uniform to his former employer, transport company Toll, which claims he is costing them business.
Source: ABC

Ports dispute enters second week and stalls millions of dollars in Christmas deliveries (7/12/2017)
oe Tullio's shipping container of Victorian pears worth $45,000 has been stranded at the Port of Melbourne for more than 10 days.
Source: SMH