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Virgin stands out, but airlines slow to put women at the top (24/03/2017)
From the moment you book a flight, board, take off and land, most of the decisions underpinning your travel will have been made by men.
Source: The Australian

Cash’s Fair Work appointees shift balance to bosses (24/03/2017)
Former Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Peter Anderson is among three Coalition appointments to the Fair Work Commission, in a move businesspeople said would “restore balance” to the workplace tribunal.
Source: The Australian

Hairdressers form union ready to fight against threat to weekend penalty rates (24/03/2017)
A new union for hairdressers is gearing up to fight a threatened clip to their weekend penalty rates, with Newcastle hairdresser Melanie Coombs saying they already get "paid peanuts".
Source: SMH

Uber’s female officials vow to shed ‘brilliant jerks’ (23/03/2017)
Four of Uber Technologies’ most prominent female officials have sought to quell a storm of controversy with the promise of sweeping changes to the company’s corporate culture, a soon-to-be-released diversity report and a new chief operating officer.
Source: The Australian

About 2.8 million Australians get underpaid $5.6 billion worth of superannuation, inquiry told (23/03/2017)
The tax man should be undertaking random audits of employers to help identify potentially $5.6 billion worth of unpaid superannuation owed to almost 2.8 million Australians, according to Industry Super Australia.
Source: SMH

New union chief Sally McManus has a problem with facts (23/03/2017)
"We don't believe you've given a lawful reason not to answer." My regulator inquisitors were not impressed that I had refused to reveal my sources. Their threat didn't change my answer and wouldn't to this day.
Source: SMH

Barnaby Joyce: Decentralisation is core business, and there will be more of it (23/03/2017)
Moving public servants out of Canberra is "core business" for the Turnbull government, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says, and more of it is likely following the move of the pesticides authority to his seat of New England.
Source: SMH

CFMEU caught out on ‘site death’ (22/03/2017)
Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has accused the CFMEU of using safety to justify unlawful conduct, releasing data showing not one of 47 current legal proceedings against the union ­involves industrial action in ­response to a workplace fatality.
Source: The Australian

National employment standards need an overhaul: former Fair Work commissioner (22/03/2017)
The employment safety net needs a wide-ranging overhaul and minimum rates of pay should be cut in order to help solve youth unemployment, says former Fair Work Commission vice-president Graeme Watson.
Source: SMH

The 'Amber effect' opens floodgates on dubious conduct by bosses (22/03/2017)
Two observations following news this week of yet another allegation of inappropriate male executive behaviour, this time by an executive at Westpac-owned wealth management business BT: first, the number of publicly disclosed instances of this type of misconduct is on the rise; and second, opinions about it are polarised.
Source: SMH

Amber Harrison says Seven CEO affair caused her shame, anxiety (21/03/2017)
Amber Harrison, the executive assistant who had an affair with Seven West Media's chief executive, is suing the company under the workplace law for initiating an investigation into her corporate expenses claims 16 days after the relationship ended.
Source: The Financial Times

Senior executive at Westpac's BT Financial faces sexual misconduct allegations (21/03/2017)
Westpac has become the latest company subject to sexual misconduct allegations following a number of complaints by two female staff about the behaviour of a senior executive at its wealth management division BT Financial Group.
Source: SMH

Have Australia's right to strike laws gone too far? (21/03/2017)
The new Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) leader Sally McManus' remarks that she doesn't have a problem with people breaking "unjust laws" provoked inevitable outrage.
Source: ABC

Fair Work Commission independence compromised, says Graeme Watson (21/03/2017)
Former Fair Work Commission vice-president Graeme Watson says the independence of the ­industrial umpire has been compromised for decades and accuses its current president Iain Ross and Bill Shorten of a power grab through a “collaboration to stack the tribunal”.
Source: The AU

Industrial court judge battles to stay clear of bullying case (21/03/2017)
Queensland’s most senior industrial judge, Glenn Martin, is fighting to extricate himself from a court battle over bullying alle­gations against a colleague, arguing that his “impartiality” as a judge could be threatened.
Source: The Australian

Crossbenchers urged to 'put up or shut up' on penalty rates (21/03/2017)
The Federal ALP, Greens and Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie will introduce a Bill on Tuesday to invalidate the Fair Work Commission's decision to reduce Sunday penalty rates for retail and hospitality workers.
Source: SMH

Up to 100 more jobs to go at Australian Bureau of Statistics (21/03/2017)
The troubled Australian Bureau of Statistics is to axe another 80 to 100 of its public servants, staff were told on Monday.
Source: The Canberra Times

Executive distress: public service high flyers fear salary exposure (21/03/2017)
High-flying executives at the Australian Public Service Commission would be "distressed" if details of their salaries, each running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, were made public, the commission says.
Source: The Canberra Times

Malcolm Turnbull to crack down on secret union deals (20/03/2017)
Malcolm Turnbull will introduce legislation on Wednesday to crack down on so-called “corrupting benefits” or secret deals between union and employer groups as part of a plan to help clean up the labour movement.
Source: The Australian

CPSU strike action to begin at Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support agencies (20/03/2017)
Public servants at Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support will begin strike action on Friday afternoon aiming to force a breakthrough in a bitter industrial dispute.
Source: The Canberra Times

Underemployment skyrockets to 1.1 million Australians (20/03/2017)
Kate Zizys, 46, has been underemployed her entire working life in Australia. Earning less than $20,000 a year from casual work, she is one of 1.1 million Australians who want more hours of work than they are getting.
Source: SMH

Croissant queen Lune's Kate Reid creates hiring app Supp (20/03/2017)
Esteemed pastry chef and creator of arguably Melbourne's best croissants, Kate Reid, never had trouble getting customers through the door but finding the right staff, sometimes on short notice, has plagued her for years.
Source: Financial Review

Union superannuation groups up the PR ante in banks war (20/03/2017)
Union-aligned industry super groups are attempting to get the public on side in their war with the banks over how default super­annuation funds are chosen, with a new ad campaign. The “banks aren’t super” campaign aims to stir fears that the changes will reduce members’ super nest eggs.
Source: The Australian

Artificial Intelligence to predict accident risk of bus drivers (20/03/2017)
Artificial intelligence is predicting whether public bus drivers are likely to have a crash within three months. If the prediction is ‘yes’, they are sent for training, says NEC. Speaking at the Technology Leaders forum in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, NEC Asia Pacific vice president Mervyn Cheah said the Japanese IT services corporation had been working on several projects involving artificial intelligence and one involved the habits of bus drivers. Mr Cheah heads NEC’s lab in Singapore.
Source: The Australian

Fair Work Ombudsman sues firm over maternity leave ‘bias’ (20/03/2017)
A pregnant Perth sales executive was allegedly subject to unwarranted performance management, denied the right to return to work after parental leave, and presented with a pre-written resignation letter after telling her boss she was pregnant with her second child. The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking Federal Court action against Perth gourmet food distribution business Austrend Foods and company director Denzil Godfrey Rao for allegedly discriminating against the sales executive, Diana Lindsey Aragon.
Source: The Australian

'Secret medicals' on public servants ruled (20/03/2017)
Public service bosses cannot obtain medical reports on their workers without their knowledge or consent, the Commonwealth workplace authority has ruled. Not even "extremely difficult and challenging" employees can be subjected to "secret medicals," says the the federal government's Merit Protection Commissioner in a decision that will be watched closely across the 150,000-strong bureaucracy.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Energy company offers to make all jobs flexible (20/03/2017)
David Provan does his full-time job which is based in Sydney from his home in Melbourne. The company he works for has decided to remove any barriers that prevent its 5800 employees from making their jobs more flexible.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald