Webinar | When your Xmas party turns ugly...

Webinar | When your Xmas party turns ugly...
6 December 2017
The festive season is in full swing, but the hangover's just beginning for some employers. How do you deal with employees who behaved badly?

In our final webinar for 2017, legal experts from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors discuss:
  • Christmas functions: where does the 'workplace' begin and end, and what is your duty of care
  • An employer’s right to regulate out-of-hours conduct
  • Handling disciplinary issues associated with misconduct, including dismissals
  • Understanding and mitigating the risk of unfair dismissal proceedings, including exploring recent cases in the Fair Work Commission.
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When: Wednesday 13 December from 11am-12 noon AEDT.
Where: At your desk
Cost: Free
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