Joe Moore is passionate about helping employees and managers deal with disagreements and conflicts before they escalate into more damaging behaviour. If the situation has reached a tipping point, he is adept at helping resolve bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. More than two decades experience as a CEO of a large Australian organisation and then of a private company of which he was a shareholder has helped him understand the commercial relevance of getting the right behaviours, people and teams aligned. If your people are focussed on what’s happening inside the business, who’s looking after your clients, your market and products?

He is highly skilled in helping leaders and staff minimise harm, improve how people get along with each other, and voice concerns and opinions to anyone — regardless of their position.
Joe provides change mastery services globally — in Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States. He is a Member of the Restorative Justice Advisory Panel for the Department of Corrective Services, New South Wales, Australia and the global multi-disciplinary professional network, the Collaborative Strategies Network.
Joe works with teams in organisations on how they feel, think and behave when under pressure from a range of challenges including how to:
  • prevent and resolve harmful conflict
  • maintain curiosity and open-mindedness about what motivates employees and customers
  • work with an ageing workforce, and
  • master changes.

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