Employment news wrap


Employment news wrap

Government sector spending on executive hiring; Australians looking for work; Assistance for Qld mature-aged jobseekers.


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Government sector spending on executive hiring; Australians looking for work; Assistance for Qld mature-aged jobseekers.

Government sector spending on executive hiring 

Both Federal and State Governments boosted their executive hiring intentions in July as they moved to implement aggressive spending programs, according to E.L Consult's Executive Demand Index.

The significant increase in government requirements for executive-level talent saw overall demand rise 13% compared with the previous month, despite flat demand from the private sector.

There has been a recent highlighting of big increases in State spending on infrastructure. This is borne out by large increases in demand for engineering executives by the bigger States in particular as they enter the planning and tendering stages for new works.

The New South Wales Government confirmed that it will spend $50bn on essential infrastructure over the next four years, and Queensland’s current State budget has apportioned more than $10bn of capital works over the next year.

The Federal Government also has ramped up infrastructure spending with commitments like the $10bn Murray-Darling water plan.

All the States and Territories finished in positive territory. Of the larger States, New South Wales recorded the largest increase due to gains in the Engineering, Financial and Marketing sectors.

For details see the E.L Consult website.


Boom in executive salaries adds to inflation pressure

Australians looking for work

Just over 1.5 million Australians (9% of people aged 15 years and over) were out of work and looking for a job at some time during the year ending February 2007.

About 60% of these looked for work for fewer than 13 weeks, while about 7% looked for the whole 12 months without finding a job, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The average time spent looking for work was around 16 weeks, with men spending more time looking for work, on average, than women (17 weeks compared to 15 weeks). On average, people aged 55 years and over spent the most time looking for work (20 weeks), while those aged 15-19 years spent the least (13 weeks).

Of the 16.3 million Australians aged 15 years and over, just over two-thirds (11.1 million) had worked at some time during the year ending February 2007. Around 7.4 million of these worked for the whole year.

Men were more likely to have worked at some time during the year than women (75% compared to 62%).

Of the people who worked at some time during the year, almost two-thirds (65%) worked full-time only, a quarter (25%) worked part-time only, and the remaining 10% worked a combination of full- and part-time.


About 4.7 million people spent no time in the labour force during the year (ie neither working nor looking for work). When asked their main activity during the year:

  • 39% reported 'retired or voluntarily inactive' (50% of men and 33% of women)
  • 28% reported 'engaged in home duties or caring for children' (6% of men and 42% of women)
  • 11% reported 'attending an educational institution' (14% of men and 8% of women)
  • 7% reported a 'disability or handicap' (11% of men and 4% of women).

Further information is inthe AUSSTATS publication Labour Force Experience, Australia, February 2007(cat. no. 6206.0).


Almost 10% of Australians have no job, or not enough work

Assistance for Qld mature-aged jobseekers 

The National Retail Association (NRA) is teaming up with the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative to train over 200 mature-aged jobseekers from around the State in skills suited to the retail industry.

Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, John Mickel, said the initiative is providing $317,810 to support the NRA's Mature Aged Project.

The Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, together with its predecessor the Breaking the Unemployment Cycle initiative, have helped create more than 124,000 jobs for Queenslanders since 1998.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work and the Experience Pays Awareness Strategy are part of the State Government's $1bn Queensland Skills Plan which aims to provide individuals and industry with the skills and workforce for the 21st Century.

More information on the Skilling Queenslanders for Workinitiative, or call 1300 369 925.

More information on the Experience Pays Awareness Strategy, or call 1800 630 647.

Contact: National Retail Association General Manager - Training and Development, Paul Willis, on 3251 3000 or p.willis@nra.net.au.


Mature workers the answer to skills shortage


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