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Why subscribe?

About WorkplaceInfo

WorkplaceInfo is Australia’s premier HR/IR information resource, keeping thousands of subscribers from every state and industry in Australia up to date.
A subscription gives you unparalleled access to expert information on employment law in practice.

Key features and benefits

News – keeps you up to date daily with breaking stories in the HR/IR arena

Cases – case write-ups give a thorough illustration of the practical implications of employment law court rulings

Analysis – gives you an informed interpretation of how to apply employment guidelines and industrial principals

Expert Q&A – ask our experts guidance on how to operate effectively in the arena of HR practice and employment law, with issues you are facing

Employment topics A-Z – access to an extensive library of terms, concepts and issues

Checklists, downloads, discussions and more...

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a bulletin of original news, cases and analysis from WorkplaceInfo writers plus a news round up from national news publishers

The cost of your subscription package to WorkplaceInfo is based on the number of site licences you require.

We also give a discount to clients who have membership of our NSW Business Chamber (Australian Business is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSW Business Chamber).

All prices are for an annual subscription and include GST.

How to subscribe

Simply click Subscribe Now and you will be guided through the subscription process step-by-step, signup for a Free Trial or you can contact customer service by email, or call 1800 505 529.