Q: How can I subscribe to WorkplaceInfo?
A: Simply click on the Subscribe Now link on the front page and you will be guided through the subscription process step-by-step. Alternatively you can contact us and we will help you to subscribe.
Q: How much does WorkplaceInfo cost?
A: Subscription packages depend on how many user licences you require and whether or not your organisation is a member of NSW Business Chamber
The following is a price guide for WorkplaceInfo subscriptions (all prices are for annual subscriptions and include GST):
Package Member RRP
1 user licence



2 user licence



3 user licence



4 user licence



5 user licence



6 user licence


7 user licence



8 user licence



9 user licence



10 user licence



More than 10, please call 1800 505 529 to discuss your needs
Q: What is your Intellectual Property and Copyright policy?
A: All text, graphics, software on the Site (including where included in advertisements) and Content is our copyright material unless indicated otherwise. We and our suppliers may have trade marks (both registered and unregistered) subsisting in the Content. The Content is protected by relevant intellectual property laws. We authorise you to use and distribute the Content strictly for your own personal and internal business use only. You are not otherwise authorised to modify, copy, republish, frame, adapt or distribute this Content without our written permission.
Q: What is the Copyright policy for WorkplaceInfo Email Alerts?
A: WorkplaceInfo email alerts and any attached files must not be forwarded without written permission (site licence) from the Publisher. To photocopy, email or otherwise reproduce all or part of WorkplaceInfo without permission of the Publisher is a breach of copyright. This does not prevent downloading for personal use.
Technical issues
Q: What are the minimum system requirements to access WorkplaceInfo?
A: To access the site, you will need a computer with the following minimum configuration:
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3 or later,  Safari 4 or later
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • Cookies and Javascript enabled
WorkplaceInfo sends its newsletters and welcome emails using either the TEXT or HTML format depending on a user's selected preference.
Q: Why am I not receiving my WorkplaceInfo emails?
A: Increasingly, IT organisations and Internet Service Providers (ISP) are using filtering systems to try and keep spam out of customers' inboxes. Being automated, these filters are not perfect. Many authentic emails get caught in these filters especially if they are HTML. Sometimes, they accidentally filter important emails you were waiting for and you have no way to know which of your emails is filtered. The end result is, you end up losing critical info that may prove to be vital to your business.
Q: Is there a way to solve the problem?
A: Fortunately for all of us, there exist simple solutions. But the action has to come from you to make sure that these critical communications reach your mailbox - Unblocked.
Q: What can I do to ensure I receive my WorkplaceInfo emails?
A: You can do a number of things depending on what email client you are using and whether your organisation and/or ISP employs a spam filter.

Many popular e-mail programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape Mail, don't provide a convenient way for you to white-list the folks you want to receive e-mail from. If you're using this sort of e-mail system and you either aren't getting your newsletters or want to make sure you continue to receive your newsletters in the future, you can do something about it.
Contact your IT department or the customer service representative at your ISP. Explain to them that the newsletter is an e-mail that you asked for and value. Ask them if they can white-list newsletter . They'll probably ask you for some information about us. Here's what to tell them:
Sending Address: If they ask for our address, give them the address in the "From" line of your most recent newsletter : customerservice@WorkplaceInfo.com.au
Domain: If they need to know the domain we're mailing from, tell them : @WorkplaceInfo.com.au
IP Address: If they ask for our sending IP address, tell them:
Your own filtering software: Look for "Options" in the filter software that you have installed in your computer. Then give permissions for all emails from a particular email address or domain.
Two Additional Tips To Prevent Losing Important Emails
Tip #1: You may be currently receiving all your email messages without a hitch. But, it's still advisable to white-list and prevent future problems.
Tip #2: No matter what the email system you are currently using, add the email address of your newsletter to the 'Address Book' of your particular email system.
Currently, white-listing is the ONLY way to ensure that you receive all your important emails. Do not ignore this important aspect of email communication.
Q: Why can I receive TEXT emails but not HTML emails?
A: It is important to realise when receiving emails in HTML format that a number of issues can prevent you from receiving the email. Two important issues are listed below.
1) Some organisations will not allow any HTML formatted emails through to their intended recipients due to the potential security threat.
2) Some older versions of email clients don’t have the ability to render HTML emails correctly. Their format can be affected or they can just appear as garbled text.
For either of the above issues you should select TEXT as your email format option.
When you first login to WorkplaceInfo a small piece of code called a ‘cookie’ is downloaded from our server to your computer. This cookie allows the website to recognise you as a registered subscriber to WorkplaceInfo each time you visit the site. All you need to do is enter your user name and password the first time you visit and from then on the website will remember you via your cookie. You won’t need to enter your user name/password again, unlessyou log out.
Q. My computer is configured to not allow cookies – what should I do?
A. Contact your IT department and ask them to ‘allow cookies’ for the website: http://www.workplaceinfo.com.au
If your IT department will not allow cookies to be added for the website you will need to log in to WorkplaceInfo each time you wish to access the website.
Q. I can’t remember my password – what should I do?
A. You can have your password automatically mailed to you at any time. Just follow these steps:
2. Click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link within the Login box
3. You should then see the ‘Recover Forgotten Password’ screen
4. Enter in your email address and click ‘Submit’ and your password will be mailed to you at that email address
5. Should you have a problem, phone 1800 505 529 for assistance.
Introducing a virus
Q. I got a pop-up message on my screen that I should be careful that I am not ‘introducing a virus’ when clicking on a link from the Daily Digest email. Is this really a danger?
A. You can be confident that WorkplaceInfo will not transmit any computer viruses to your own computer. Our web server is a secure server and is regularly virus-checked.
This type of message is in fact generated by your own computer’s firewall and is a commonly generated advice to alert computer users to take care when they are accessing an unfamiliar website. If you are still receiving this type of message, contact your IT department.
Remember, should you have any problems at all with accessing the WorkplaceInfo website, phone 1800 505 529 for assistance.
Q. What can I do to speed up the website's loading time?
A. This User Tip is provided as a result of feedback from our recent Subscriber Survey.
A few subscribers have noted that there can be a delay while WorkplaceInfo loads information. It is true that the WorkplaceInfo website now contains a huge volume of information, including some years of archival information. It also has a more detailed menu system.
On some older computers with less memory, the size of a website can affect the loading speed. However, many other factors can also affect loading speed: your internet connection speed; visiting the website for the first time; your computer network speed, etc. Speak to your IT department to troubleshoot any issues in your particular environment.
Q. Format of daily emails
Some subscribers have asked us about how to ensure their WorkplaceInfo daily emails can be viewed in the correct format in which they were sent to them. Lotus Notes users in particular may have had some trouble viewing WorkplaceInfo emails.
A. If you are experiencing difficulties when you view your email, you should follow the “click here to view email” at the top of the email and this will allow you to view the email in your web browser.

Using the Search function

In June 2015, we upgraded our search engine to make sure your search gets you the results you need and displays them intelligently. Better design, improved categorisation and filters and the ability to save your most popular searches were just some of our enhancements. Click here to find out how to get the most out of our Search function.