Want a smarter way to manage your workforce?


Want a smarter way to manage your workforce?

An HR expert has urged businesses to embrace the digital revolution and adopt five key steps to smarter workforce management.


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HR expert and author Jarrod McGrath is urging businesses to embrace the new world of digital workforce management with a five-step methodology to smarter workforce management.

In his new book, “The Digital Workforce”, the founder and CEO of SmartWFM, a consultancy, explores the challenges and effects of converging technologies changing the face of traditional workplace operations.

Speaking to WorkplaceInfo at his recent Sydney book launch, the first-time author said he wrote the book out of concern for, and in response to, what he perceived as an across the board unpreparedness for the fourth industrial revolution. New technologies are more than capable of altering many aspects of organisations as we know them today, including payroll, staff and supervisors, IT, finance, and HR managers and resources. The revolution will drive forecasting capabilities, prediction flexibility, and artificial intelligence (as well as development of machine learning and universal computing).

In part one of the book, Mr McGrath answers the question, “what is workforce management?”

He delves into the evolution of workforce management, what workforce management means for businesses and their customers, and the pressing need to consider the role of digital and artificial intelligence in workforce management.

He outlines the opportunities and benefits for organisations implementing workforce management, including greater visibility, improved experience, more flexibility and better compliance. 

He then looks to the future, predicting the future of workforce management delivery and its interaction with technology and the human resources discipline.

Part two gives readers a five-step methodology for smarter workforce management. 

Mr McGrath explains the fundamentals of enacting change by detailing five steps for organisations to understand workforce management, and implement smarter strategies under five separate headings.

“Align” matches workforce management benefits with business outcomes. “Prepare” ensures the business is educated and ready to implement relevant workforce management strategies. “Implement” makes sure people, processes and technology are optimally planned so everyone knows what to do and when to do it. “Track” acts as a checklist for workforce management related considerations, and “Measure” allows for continual review by an organisation implementing workforce management to achieve optimal value.

Mr McGrath says the book continually stresses “an emphasis on strategy and communicating that strategy”.

The book’s preface argues it differs to other methodologies on the market: it’s relevant to workforce management in 2018, it’s flexible to support any phase of workforce management investment, and it can be used alongside other methodologies, whether vendor-led or industry recognised. 

The 216-page paperback is supplemented by interviews and expert analysis from Kronos’ CEO, Aron Ain, T2 Tea’s global director of people, Georgegina Poulos, and global AI futurist Matt Michalewicz.

A percentage of the $29.95 sale price will be donated to the Cathy Freeman Foundation. 

The book can be purchased online, or as an eBook from most eBook sellers. 
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