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Business Propel

Business Propel is the next evolution in business assessment tools. Offering an end to end view, this tool will shape your business for success.

Leaving no stone unturned, this application will help you assess and refine your current methods to ensure your business is operating and performing in an optimal fashion.

Business Propel is brought to you by Australian Business Consulting & Solutions.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is proud to be a part of Australian Business Solutions Group (ABSG). Australian Business Solutions Group has built a reputation for helping Australian businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential and achieve their goals.

Driven by the ideals of the international business chamber movement, ABCS has a unique commitment to foster national prosperity. Surplus funds are funnelled back into initiatives such as research and advocating governments to support a thriving commercial environment.

Ultimately, our purpose is to help businesses build a better Australia for all.
Australian Business Solutions Group, in business for business.


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