​PM to Senate: Pass ABCC bill or we go to the polls


​PM to Senate: Pass ABCC bill or we go to the polls

The Prime Minister has recalled both houses of Parliament in April to deal with industrial relations legislation. If the bills aren't passed, he will call a double dissolution election to be held on July 2.


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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is recalling both houses of Parliament on 18 April to sit for three weeks to deal with the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC) and Registered Organisations bills.

If the bills fail to pass, he will call a double dissolution election, to be held on 2 July 2016. 

The federal budget will now be released on 3 May 2016, a week earlier than scheduled, as a double dissolution must be held by 11 May.

The ABCC bills were rejected by the Senate last year and re-presented to the House of Representatives this year, which again passed them. They are currently still before the Senate. The Registered Organisations bills have twice been rejected by the Senate.

Now that reforms to voting for the Senate have passed, after a marathon session in the Senate last week, the cross-bench senators have been presented with a stark choice: pass the bills and give the Government what it wants, or face a double dissolution election in which they will almost certainly be wiped out.
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