Election news, 26/07/10


Election news, 26/07/10

Tribe case adjourned until September; WorkChoices keeps coming up; Latham on attack.


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Tribe case adjourned until September; WorkChoices keeps coming up; Latham on attack.
Tribe case adjourned until September
Magistrate Whittle in the Ark Tribe case directed the parties to file further written submissions and adjourned the case until 13 September. The case is politically controversial and the ABCC is in the firing line as its powers come under close scrutiny. Progressing the trial during the federal election campaign would be a potential political hot spot.
Tribe’s defence relies in part on the question of whether the proper authority conducted the investigation and whether it exercised its powers in accordance with the law.
WorkChoices keeps coming up
The ALP is keen to keep WorkChoices in the news and the Coalition is keen to bury it in this election campaign.
Shadow Small Business Minister Bruce Billson last week revealed the Coalition’s real plans to rip up unfair dismissal laws for small business employees according to the ALP.
The Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Simon Crean said that Julie Bishop and Eric Abetz left the door wide open on changes to workplace legislation and now Bruce Billson has marched right through it — confirming the Liberal Party's confusion and deceit onWorkChoices.
Latham on attack
Meanwhile, Mark Latham argues that ambitious former union leaders intent on retaining power made the party incapable of achieving serious policy reform.
He argues that the only effective way of breaking the factions’ power is to cut the party’s ties with the union movement.
This won’t happen, he says because Prime Minister Gillard would find it unthinkable.
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