Federal Legislation in Spring Session


Federal Legislation in Spring Session

Federal Parliament resumes sitting this week and there are a range of proposed Bills that will have an impact on employment and related areas.


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Federal Parliament resumes sitting this week and there are a range of proposed Bills that will have an impact on employment and related areas.

The legislation relating to employment proposed for introduction in the 2006 Spring Sittings is listed below.

Australian Human Rights Commission Legislation Bill

  • restructures, refocuses and renames the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Disability Discrimination Amendment Bill
  • amends the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) to implement the government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s review of the DDA to improve its overall efficiency and operation

Building and Construction Industry Improvement Amendment (OHS) Bill

  • extends coverage of the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme to projects indirectly funded by the Australian government with the aim of fostering improved OHS performance in the building and construction industry
Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment (Welfare to Work and Vocational Rehabilitation Services) Bill
  • makes consequential and technical amendments, including ensuring that income support payments for principal carers are provided to the person who is actually providing the majority of day to day care for the dependent child
  • facilitates contestability for Vocational Rehabilitation Services by ensuring competitive neutrality
Maritime Legislation Amendment Bill
  • amend the Navigation Act 1912 to provide for revised jurisdiction between the Commonwealth and the States and Northern Territory for vessel safety regulation
  • amend the Protection of the Sea (Civil Liability) Act 1981 to provide for revised application to vessels consistent with revised jurisdiction under the Navigation Act 1912

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (AFP Benefits) Bill
  • implements an enhanced system of workers compensation benefits for Australian Federal Police (AFP) members deployed overseas on approved missions so that AFP members receive benefits consistent with those provided to Australian Defence Force members on like overseas missions
Skilling Australia’s Workforce Legislation Amendment Bill
  • make consequential amendments to various Acts to take account of name changes to the non‑statutory New Apprenticeships programmes

Trade Practices Amendment (Small Business Protection) Bill

  • amend the Trade Practices Act 1974 to allow the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to take representative action and intervene in proceedings in matters of secondary boycotts

List of all proposed legislation

All Bills to be introduced in the Spring Session of Federal Parliament.




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