FWC: workplace relations study, lecture series, more. . .


FWC: workplace relations study, lecture series, more. . .

FWC’s Australian Workplace Relations Study | Workplace relations lecture series | FWC website for guidance on altering union rules.


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FWC’s Australian Workplace Relations Study

The Fair Work Commission is undertaking an Australian Workplace Relations Study in 2013–14.
The study will use surveys to capture the views of both employers and their employees. It will produce the first Australia-wide statistical dataset linking employer data with employee data since the 1995 Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey.

Studies that link data from employers and their employees have allowed researchers to explore a range of employer-employee dynamics which cannot be explored using separate employer and employee datasets.
The ability to relate these data will greatly increase the type of analysis that can be undertaken by the Commission, stakeholders and the broader research community.

In particular . . .
In particular, data from the study will assist the Commission in performing its functions, including:
Survey data will be collected using a combination of computer-assisted telephone interviewing and self-completion survey methods. The breadth and complexity of workplace relations subject matter covered in the study will be tailored to these data collection methods.


The study will be overseen by a steering committee made up of peak bodies and other stakeholders with expertise in quantitative survey research.
The steering committee will be chaired by the President of the Commission or a delegated Member of the Commission.
The following organisations are represented on the steering committee:
    • Australian Bureau Statistics
    • Australian Council of Trade Unions
    • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Australian Industry Group
    • Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
    • Fair Work Ombudsman
    • Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
The Commission is also consulting with the research community through peak associations about the development of the research design and data collection tools. Representatives of the Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) and the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA) will provide input and feedback on work produced by the Commission’s project team throughout the research process.
More information is on Research community webpage. 

Workplace relations lecture series

The Commission is co-sponsoring a series of lectures by prominent researchers to facilitate the discussion about workplace relations issues. An initial lecture series has been developed with the University of Melbourne.
There will be four lectures throughout 2013.

The first lecture was delivered by Dr Brigid Van Wanrooy in February entitled The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study — First findings and implications for Australia.

The second lecture was delivered by Newcastle University’s Professor Mark Bray in May, who spoke about The ambiguities of workplace cooperation: Bargaining engagement versus consultative management.

The third lecture in the series will take place on Friday, 16 August 2013, and will be delivered by Mr Dean Parham, who will speak about Productivity and pay: developments in labour's share of income gains.

Following the success of these initial lectures, the Commission plans to sponsor similar events in other capital cities.
Details relating to the lectures are available from the Research community webpage. 

FWC website for guidance on altering union rules 
The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Act 2012 (the RO Amendment Act) requires all registered organisations to make changes to their rules in relation to financial disclosures and policies by 1 January 2014. The FWC is providing assistance online.

To help organisations, this page provides information and guidance on the process. It contains fact sheets and guidance notes, supporting material, FAQs, decisions issued and other relevant information. If you have a suggestion for useful information you would like to see added to this page please email your comments.

The procedure for altering the rules of an organisation usually takes several weeks of drafting, meetings and formal notifications. Rule alterations must also be lodged with the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) and approved by the Delegate of the General Manager before they can come into effect.

Details are available from the Alterations to rules webpage. 
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