Minister reveals action plan to boost economy


Minister reveals action plan to boost economy

The Coalition is focused on cutting red tape, improving the Fair Work laws and providing paid parental leave, the Minister for Small Business told a recent forum.


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The Coalition is focused on cutting red tape, improving the Fair Work laws and providing paid parental leave, the Minister for Small Business told a recent forum. 
Bruce Billson was speaking at the Fair Work Ombudsman Small Business Forum at the RACV Club in Melbourne on 7 March.
Below are extracts from the minister's speech. 

Improving the Fair Work laws
The Government has introduced amendments to the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014 to enact many of its policy commitments, including:
    • making union right-of-entry provisions sensible and fair. We will repeal the former government’s amendments that require employers to provide access to transport and accommodation for visits to remote worksites; 
    • making sure enterprise agreements for new projects can be negotiated quickly so that infrastructure projects are not delayed, and investment is not discouraged; 
    • guaranteeing workers have the right to access fair and protected flexibility enterprise bargaining; 
    • comprehensively addressing workplace bullying; and 
    • promoting harmonious, sensible and productive enterprise bargaining. This means ensuring protected industrial action can only happen if the Fair Work Commission is satisfied there have been genuine and meaningful talks between workers and business at the workplace.
The Government will continue to protect those who depend on independent contracting and self-employment for their livelihoods. It will support Australian independent contractors and will not change current laws relating to the treatment of personal services income.
Paid parental leave

The Government also wants to help people balance work and family, and make sure working men and women are not penalised for having a child.

The Government’s paid parental leave scheme will allow all workers, including the self-employed, to access paid parental leave to take time off to look after their newborn.

Cutting red tape

We will compel the Australian Accounting Standards Board to justify any red tape burdens that go further than those set by the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small/Medium Enterprises.

We will extend and enhance the role of the Australian Small Business Commissioner by transforming it into the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

We will streamline access to federal programs and engage more effectively with small business.
Already, we have moved through the house legislation to save business $44m a year so they don’t have to act as the ‘pay clerk’ for the paid parental leave scheme.

We’ve also moved the Super Clearing house to the ATO to lift its uptake.

We are serious about deregulation and we will implement real measures to reduce red and green tape by $1 billion a year. Removing red tape on employers gives them more time and energy to do what they do best — which is to grow their business and employ more people.
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