News briefs, 31/07/12


News briefs, 31/07/12

Fair Work changes highlight Gillard’s failure: Abetz | MUA condemns ports ‘fire-sale’ | Customs’ job cuts | 14th World Human Resource Congress.


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Fair Work changes highlight Gillard’s failure: Abetz | MUA condemns ports ‘fire-sale’ | Customs’ job cuts | 14th World Human Resource Congress.

Fair Work changes highlight Gillard’s failure: Abetz
‘The news that Fair Work Australia’s President will impose new rules on FWA tribunal members about the length of time taken on decisions, their conduct and about avoiding political controversy shows that Julia Gillard’s original design of Fair Work Australia was flawed,’ Opposition relations spokesman, Senator Eric Abetz said this week.

‘Such rules are all well and good but they will not address the inadequacies of Fair Work Australia’s investigative division which took over three years to conduct an investigation into Craig Thomson and the Health Services Union.’

‘The Coalition has made a policy commitment to keep Fair Work Australia but we will restore faith in the institution by implementing our Better Plan for Accountability and Transparency of Registered Organisations.’

‘Despite these moves from the President of Fair Work Australia, we still have Labor’s regime that provides for a maximum penalty of $6,600 for a multi-million dollar rip-off of union members’ funds and the Prime Minister and her Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten in complete denial.’

MUA condemns ports ‘fire-sale’
The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has condemned the NSW Government’s short-sighted decision to engage in a ‘fire-sale’ of publicly owned ports and intermodal facilities.

MUA’s Sydney branch secretary, Paul McAleer, said future generations had been dudded by the sale.

‘The MUA believes the sale means that a profitable public asset will unnecessarily end up in private hands when it could have continued to provide substantial revenue for the public good, well in excess of the likely sale price over the 99 year period,’ McAleer said.

Customs’ job cuts
Cuts to frontline staffing in regional customs’ offices could leave Australia vulnerable to importation of drugs, guns and other illegal activities, the CPSU said this week.

Customs has decided to cut up to 40 positions across 14 District offices including Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Thursday Island, Port Hedland, Broome and Dampier. The cuts are part of the boarder agency’s response to federal government budget cuts. It is expected that staff will leave their positions before the end of year.
CPSU national secretary, Nadine Flood has slammed Customs’ plan to focus the cuts on regional areas and has called on management to reverse their decision. She has also called on Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare to intervene if necessary.

14th World Human Resource Congress
The 14th World Human Resource Congress will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre over 26 and 27 September 2012

As the host of the 14th World Human Resources Congress, the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) has sent a general invitation to HR practitioners.

What is HRIZON?

AHRI has provided this background:
Named HRIZON, the 2012 World Human Resources Congress is a world-class event designed to bring together a range of HR and people management professionals. Through this unique event, you have the opportunity to build networks, overcome challenges and expand your horizon.

Should I attend?
HRIZON is the ultimate global event for human resource and people management professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. If you are serious about HR and people management, this is the event you can’t afford to miss.

What themes will be covered?
  • Diversity: what does a diverse workforce look like and how can it be achieved?
  • Technology: opportunities and challenges of new and existing technology
  • Sustainability: corporate, social and environmental
  • Skills and talent: challenges of managing and developing human capability
  • Innovation: creativity and innovation in the workplace
  • Business leadership: HR and business thought and practice leaders
  • Inspirational: out of the box thinking of HR and business practitioners Asia Pacific: a mix of regional high profile leaders/thinkers.
For more information, visit the congress website.

To register, click here.
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