Public sector news, 17/09/12


Public sector news, 17/09/12

Australia’s public sector workers: Labor respects … | NSW police beat the cap.


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Australia’s public sector workers: Labor respects … | NSW police beat the cap.

Australia’s public sector workers: Labor respects . . .
Labor will always support the hard work of Australia’s 1.8 million public sector workers, Employment Minister Bill Shorten has said.

‘Right across Australia, the Labor Party respects and appreciates the work of federal, state and local government public sector workers and recognises their delivery of services, trenchant analysis, advice and their emotional and physical care,’ Shorten said.

‘Without our public sector workforce and the hard work they do, Australia would not be as modern, would not be as fair, would not be as safe, well governed and would not be as compassionate.’

The Minister said it was important to recognise Australia’s entire public sector where 80,000 are demonised and put squarely in the path of the conservatives’ swinging axe.

Compare conservatives . . .
‘The conservatives look at workers in the public sector and don’t see people with jobs providing vital services, they just see targets on spreadsheets. They have this week treated these, their fellow Australians, with disrespect and contempt.’

Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb has revealed this contempt, saying many public servants had little to do other than ‘leave a paper trail, to cover backsides’.' (Canberra Times, 22 August 2012)

‘You will seldom hear a conservative praising a public sector employee, you’ll only hear them pouring scorn on them and messing with their heads.’

Just this week we have seen:
  • In New South Wales, Liberal Premier Barry O’Farrell slash $1.7 billion from education funding, including cutting 800 jobs from TAFE, and put an additional $3 billion in health funding and the jobs of thousands of doctors and nurses on the chopping block. Cuts to the New South Wales public service total some 15,000 in the last two budgets.
  • In Victoria, Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu is planning even more TAFE cuts, selling off campus after campus, lifting fees and sacking teachers. Premier Baillieu, in direct contradiction to the recommendations of the Black Saturday commission, has also cut $66 million from Victoria’s fire-fighting services in the lead up to this year’s bushfire season. Some 5500 Vic public sector employees are facing the axe under Baillieu.
  • In South Australia, Liberal leader Isobel Redmond has proposed to cut 25,000 public sector jobs.
  • In Queensland, LNP Premier Campbell Newman is sacking 14,000 public sector workers — teachers, nurses, community workers among others. This after telling them before the election they had ‘nothing to fear from him’. To add insult to injury, he is cutting job creation programs like the $287 million Skilling Queenslanders for Work and he has defunded the Queensland Working Women’s’ Centre.
  • At a Federal level, Tony Abbott’s Coalition have a proposal to cut 20,000 from the Commonwealth public service — bringing the entire national total to 79,500.
‘What we are seeing is state conservatives right across the country showing their true colours by sacking important people and slashing important programs,’ Shorten said.

‘What Australians should all be worried about is not what Tony Abbott is saying to you now, but what he’ll do to you should he get into office.’

NSW police beat the cap
The NSW Government has accepted the decision by the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) last week on police wages, said Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations, Mike Baird.

‘While our strong preference was that the IRC’s decision on police wages came within the Government’s wages policy of 2.5 per cent, it hasn’t and we accept that,’ Baird said.

The IRC has awarded NSW police officers wage increases of 3.5 per cent for 2011–12 and 3.2 per cent for the following two years. Police officers will then be subject to the NSW Government’s wages policy.
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