Rudd officially unveils 10 work standards


Rudd officially unveils 10 work standards

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has released 10 employment standards.


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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has released 10 employment standards. These will be incorporated into the new modernised awards and be a basic safety net for employees. (No new details were noted from the draft standards previously released.)

The standards include a 38-hour maximum working week, 12 months unpaid parental leave, four weeks annual leave, and personal carer's leave.

The standards also say that workers may be required to do ‘reasonable additional hours’ above the basic 38 hour week.


The standards include provisions to request flexibility in working arrangements, such as changes to the hours employees work so they can care for their children, however employers can refuse the request if they have ‘reasonable business grounds’.

Couples who work together can also be entitled to take 12 months of parental leave sequentially to care for a child.

Under the standards redundant workers are entitled to a statutory payment dependant on their length of service.

The new standards also include a Fair Work information statement for all employees.

Safety net for working Australians

‘The new standards are a real safety net for working Australians, which cannot be stripped away,’ Rudd said. This is an important part of industrial relations reform for the country.’

IR Minister Julia Gillard says the standards were put together through consultation after the release of a draft attracted almost 130 submissions.

‘These final national employment standards have been improved because we took a sensible and measured approach to generating them,’ she said.

‘These 10 national employment standards are there for every employee, whether you work part-time in a restaurant or whether you work as a surgeon in a hospital.’

The standards will now go to the AIRC and will come into operation in 2010, following legislation later this year.


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