News briefs, 13/08/12


News briefs, 13/08/12

Brodie’s Law — bullying campaign | Sex industry focus of new FWO campaign in Victoria | Sunday trading brings 700 new jobs to WA.


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Brodie’s Law — bullying campaign | Sex industry focus of new FWO campaign in Victoria | Sunday trading brings 700 new jobs to WA.

Brodie’s Law — bullying campaign
A campaign urging workplaces to take a stand against bullying and report such behaviour to authorities has launched 14 months on from the commencement of Brodie’s Law, which makes serious bullying a crime punishable by up to ten years in jail.

The Take a stand against bullying campaign, which was launched at the Lifeline headquarters in Melbourne last week by Victoria’s Attorney-General Robert Clark, involves the distribution of information about bullying and bullying laws to more than 8000 schools, workplaces and police stations across the state.

Clark said the new campaign is about reminding people that bullying can have extremely damaging consequences and that there are resources out there to assist anyone enduring serious bullying.

‘Everyone has the right to feel safe in our community and no one should be forced to put up with the fear and degradation of persistent bullying,’ he said.

‘To stamp out bullying behaviour, authorities rely on information from the community so if you or someone you know is being bullied, report it.’

Sex industry focus of new FWO campaign in Victoria
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 100 brothels in Victoria over the next four months, as part of a new education and compliance campaign.

Most audits will be conducted throughout Melbourne; however, Fair Work inspectors will also scrutinise some businesses in Bendigo, Geelong and Shepparton.

The campaign will focus on the entitlements of clerical workers in the sex industry; namely, licensed brothel managers and brothel receptionists.

Fair Work inspectors will check that clerical workers are being paid correct wage rates, penalty rates, overtime rates and annual and personal leave entitlements.

Inspectors will also assess whether any employees have been misclassified as contractors, and check compliance with record-keeping and pay slip obligations.

Sunday trading brings 700 new jobs to WA
Woolworths will hire up to 700 new staff in Perth to man stores and serve customers due to the introduction of Sunday trading.

In the run up to the first day of Sunday trading on 26 August, Woolworths supermarkets will take on between 500 and 600 new part time staff at its 52 supermarkets that are currently not permitted to open across the city.

A further 100 job opportunities will be available across other Woolworths group stores including BIG W discount department stores, Masters Home Improvement, BWS and Dan Murphy’s.
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