Friday Refresher - How to manage resignations
Today's refresher focuses on resignation.

Employee turnover is expensive and some of the common reasons employees leave are:
  • feeling underappreciated
  • feeling their remuneration is unfair
  • a change in management
  • unrealistic goals and high workload
  • poor positive culture 
  • lack of coaching for success 
  • machinery, equipment or processes are outdated.
It is worth conducting and reviewing exit interview themes to address workplace issues and improve employee retention. 

Typically, the resignation process starts with an employee deciding to end his or her employment, then communicating this decision to their employer, working out the notice period, and then paid any outstanding entitlements owed (such as annual leave).
But things don't always go to plan. For instance, employees may withdraw their resignation, refuse to comply with notice periods, or ignore contractual obligations.

Meanwhile, employers may 'force' workers to resign to avoid redundancy obligations, sack them after they resign or refuse to pay monies owed.

So how can you ensure the process runs smoothly? 

What to do

Visit our Resignation resource on WorkforceInfo. This provides a brief summary of key points, including:
  • notice by employee
  • intention to terminate
  • withdrawal of resignation
  • constructive dismissal, and
  • termination payments
Our Employment topics A-Z can also provide information and advice on 'notice of termination of employment'.  

Finally, check out our sister site, HR Advance to download the latest legally compliant contracts, templates and policies for award employees.
Still have a question on resignations? Send it to our Ask an Expert service – it's free for subscribers.

Have a great weekend,
The WorkplaceInfo team 
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