WorkplaceInfo has a brand new Search function!


WorkplaceInfo has a brand new Search function!

From today, you may notice some differences when you search for content on the WorkplaceInfo website.


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From today, you may notice some differences when you search for content on the WorkplaceInfo website.

We’ve upgraded our search engine to make sure your search gets you the results you need and displays them intelligently. Better design, improved categorisation and filters and the ability to save your most popular searches are just some of our enhancements.

Find out more about the new search engine below.

More prominent Search bar 

We’ve listened to your feedback and the Search bar now has a prominent place on every page on the site.


Improved relevance

The search algorithm has been improved to enhance the relevance of search results: the frequency that the search term appears in the title and content of a page (as well as in the keyword tags) will influence its relevancy score. When articles have a similar relevancy score, the more recent results are given priority.

Categorised results

You can quickly identify what type of content has been returned in your search results – the classification of each result is shown underneath.


Improved filters

On the left-hand side of the page you can quickly refine your results to narrow down the volume of pages. You can choose to:
  • show only a particular type of article content (eg News, Cases, Q&A, Analysis – the default is All)
  • include/exclude general content pages in your search results by selecting Articles or Resources only.



Highlighted multimedia content

To make rich multimedia content more accessible, when a search returns multimedia results (eg links to webinars, videos, infographics) they are highlighted in the left-hand column under the filtering tools. 


Resources pages

Search results now include other resources (like topic overview pages, Employment Topics A–Z, etc), in addition to finding results for Articles, Cases, Q&A and News. 

You can also see the top match for our topic Overview pages presented at the top of your search results – highlighted in a white box – so you can easily access general information as well as specific article content.


Advanced Search

When you select “Advanced Search”, a panel expands to offer a range of filters, letting you narrow search results:
  • by industry
  • by author
  • by jurisdiction
  • by date.


Saved Searches

For topics that you frequently search, there is now a Saved Search function (you must be logged in to use this feature).

Once you have entered a search term, simply click the “Save this search” button, give your search a name and click the “tick”  next to the box. The next time you click “Saved searches” it will be included in your list.


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