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Chucking in a six-figure salary to be your own boss (2/05/2016)
Lawyer Katie Richards was making $150,000 as legal counsel for the mining arm of multinational General Electric. Her days were hectic, her responsibilities huge.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Public service pay heat (2/05/2016)
Doctors, nurses, teachers and thousands of other Tasmanian public servants are preparing to step into wage ­negotiations with the Hodgman Government — a move which could have major ramifications for the pending State Budget.
Source: The Mercury

No tax relief for the 80 per cent of Tasmanian workers earning less than $80,000 (2/05/2016)
Four out of every five Tasmanian taxpayers are likely to miss out on relief in tomorrow’s federal Budget.
Source: The Mercury

Quiet author Susan Cain gives introverts a guide to talking in meetings (2/05/2016)
Nobody loves meetings. But they can be especially taxing for people who crave a quieter setting for thinking, or who struggle to be heard in a room full of talkers.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Chobani yoghurt's handout makes staff millionaires (28/04/2016)
The 2000 full-time employees of yoghurt company Chobani were handed quite the surprise on Tuesday US time: an ownership stake that could make some of them millionaires.
Source: Australian Financial Review

White & McAllister workers face uncertain future after company goes into administration (28/04/2016)
There are fears for up to 53 jobs after a Tasmanian contracting company was placed into administration earlier this week.
Source: The Mercury

Union chief moves to extinguish 'hysteria' as CFA fight deepens (28/04/2016)
The union chief at the centre of a feud splitting the Andrews government has spoken out, attacking what he says is "irresponsible hysteria" over a claim for paid firefighters to replace volunteers.
Source: The Age

Business students: time for a compulsory ethics major? (27/04/2016)
It's been a bad year for business ethics from as far away as Panama and as close as the nearest 7-Eleven so it's time to scrutinise the way tomorrow's tycoons are taught how to do business.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Scott McIntyre again tweets contentious Anzac Day comments (27/04/2016)
The former SBS sports reporter Scott McIntyre, who was sacked last after tweeting controversial opinions about the Anzac legacy, has again chosen Anzac Day to tweet about atrocities committed by some Anzac soldiers during WWI and WWII.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Lower House MPs vote down pay rise, leaving final decision to the Legislative Council (27/04/2016)
The ball is now in the Legislative Council’s court on MPs’ pay, with Tasmania’s Lower House voting down a recommended 10.5 per cent pay rise.
Source: The Mercury

New rules for FIFO workers (27/04/2016)
They've been accused of being one of the most unruly groups of passengers on domestic flights. Now mining bosses have introduced some new rules governing how their FIFO staff get to work.
Source: The Courier Mail

Who's the sharpest in your office? (27/04/2016)
Clue: it's not the CEO, nor the 60-hour week senior executives.
Source: Australian Financial Review

How to keep Millennial staff (it's not beanbags) (27/04/2016)
There's a false perception that Millennials would rather work at a cool office than get decent pay.
Source: Australian Financial Review