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20 utterly cringe-worthy examples of workplace sexism (27/11/2015)
Get ready to *facepalm* at these appalling examples of sexism in the workplace. And this is why we need feminism, people.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Be thankful you work in Australia (27/11/2015)
There's much that's troubling about the United States of America. Gun laws, for instance. Obesity, too, although Australia's not far behind. To the list you can also add unaffordable healthcare and, of course, the Kardashians...
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Sweeping changes to mental health - aim to foster personalised care (26/11/2015)
People living with mental illness will soon be able to access personalised care through the government’s primary health networks under sweeping changes to be announced on Thursday.
Source: The Guardian

Australian workplaces still vastly unequal between genders in top jobs (26/11/2015)
Australian workplaces remain vastly unequal between the genders when it comes to top positions, a federal report card on workplace gender equality has found, and women continue to work part-time at three times the rate of men.
Source: The Guardian

WA Commerce Minister Michael Mischin denies industrial relations power shift to Canberra (26/11/2015)
West Australian Commerce Minister Michael Mischin has denied the Government is considering dismantling the state's industrial relations system and handing power to the Commonwealth, contradicting one of his Cabinet colleagues.
Source: ABC

Victorian Farmers Federation wants Seasonal Worker Programme changes (26/11/2015)
The Victorian Farmers Federation wants workers travelling to Australia to harvest crops, under the Federal Government's Seasonal Worker Programme, to pay more of their own transport costs.
Source: ABC

Bill Shorten to take policy of five days' domestic violence leave to election (25/11/2015)
A future Labor government would provide for five days of domestic violence leave a year, if the ALP wins the next federal election.
Source: The Age

Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Michael Thawley resigns in public service shake up (25/11/2015)
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a major shake-up of the public service following the resignation of department secretaries Michael Thawley and Peter Varghese.
Source: Canberra Times

Gender gap increases as NSW women get paid less and work more, report finds (25/11/2015)
The gender pay gap between men and women continues to increase despite more women finishing school and completing university degrees than men, a NSW government report shows.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Fear of taking annual leave affects two-thirds of Australians: work stress survey (25/11/2015)
A new survey of 1250 Australians found that two-thirds suffered from Fear of Taking Annual Leave (FOTAL) and didn't use all their leave because the build-up of work from being away created too much stress.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Wage fraud: Pizza Hut franchisees using 'sham' contracts to underpay drivers (23/11/2015)
Australia's second-biggest pizza chain, Pizza Hut, is under fire as evidence emerges that its franchisees are using "sham" contracts to pay delivery drivers as little as $12 an hour without super or WorkCover.
Source: Canberra Times

Unions ramp up action over Alcoa's use of foreign workers, block access to WA refinery (23/11/2015)
Unions have escalated their dispute with Alcoa over foreign workers by blocking the road into the company's WA refinery in Pinjarra for more than three hours.
Source: ABC

Trade union royal commission rejects claims Canberra CFMEU hearings were unfair (23/11/2015)
Counsel assisting the trade union royal commission have criticised arguments from the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) that the way in which its Canberra hearings were run was unfair.
Source: ABC

Unions say new research backs push for domestic violence leave (23/11/2015)
The Australian Council of Trade Unions says new research backs a push for employers to introduce a paid domestic violence leave scheme for all workers.
Source: ABC

Unfair dismissal case: Parramatta Catholic Education Office boss sacked for bullying (23/11/2015)
A human resources manager for the Catholic Education Office in Parramatta who was compared to Margaret Thatcher and once advised to "do the Pretty Woman thing" was sacked for bullying her co-workers and making them appear incompetent.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald