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Open plan is an endless distraction (11/02/2016)
Open-plan offices sound great, but pose chronic health hazards, including unwanted noise.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Crown croupier charged with $100,000 fraud over paying out losing mates (10/02/2016)
A croupier at Crown Casino has been charged with serious deception charges over allegations he rigged a dice game and paid out more than $100,000 to five friends.
Source: The Age

KPMG's new auditors don't have accounting degrees (10/02/2016)
KPMG's highly conventional audit division has broken a 100 year tradition and hired 42 graduates without a business or accounting degree in an attempt to enhance soft-skills and diversity in the division.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Deloitte report finds millennials and employers in conflict over values Read more: (10/02/2016)
Employers who take their eye off being good corporate citizens may find themselves on a collision course with their own employees, with the vast majority of workers under 35 saying being profitable is no longer enough.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Mining services' life support running out (10/02/2016)
Much of Australia's mining services sector and other businesses that rode the resources boom might be getting by on "life support", but this year is shaping as a tipping point that will see company collapses increase, insolvency and industry experts say.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Coal union wins right to hold meetings inside BHP Billiton's biggest shovels (10/02/2016)
BHP Billiton is investigating all legal options to contest a Fair Work Commission ruling that will allow the coal union to hold meetings at the back of the giant shovels that do all of the real heavy lifting at the company's Queensland mines.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Bank slashes staff to stay (10/02/2016)
A major Queensland bank has announced plans to cut staff as it looks to strip out $15 million in costs.
Source: Courier Mail

Burnout hitting the guys we need most (10/02/2016)
Almost 40 per cent of accepted mental stress claims made by Queensland professionals came from one particular industry.
Source: Courier Mail

'On the end of a mobile': union body sounds alarm on behalf of insecure workers (10/02/2016)
At the Docklands end of Flinders Street is a little-known landmark, once a meeting spot for a city's hungry labourers.
Source: The Age

Cleaning company Clinica Internationale and boss fined $1 million over visa rorts (10/02/2016)
A Melbourne cleaning company and its managing director have been fined more than $1 million by a federal judge for fleecing thousands of dollars from foreign workers and failing to deliver jobs that were promised.
Source: The Age

APS bosses to try, try again on wages (10/02/2016)
Government departments will try to persuade their public servants to accept pay deals almost identical to those they rejected last year.
Source: Canberra Times

Cobar Mayor says town will bounce back after mining job cuts (10/02/2016)
Over a beer at a bowling club in Cobar, miner and father-of-three, Tim Eves dissected the news that he no longer has a job, after 10 years at the Endeavour mine.
Source: ABC

Government starts talks on workplace laws review (10/02/2016)
The Turnbull Government has quietly begun consulting on the Productivity Commission’s sweeping review of the workplace relations inquiry as it prepares its response to calls for widespread industrial relations reform.
Source: The Australian

Seasonal Worker Programme expanded to take more Pacific Islander and East Timorese workers for livestock and grain farms (9/02/2016)
Despite issues with exploitation and suspect labour hire practices for foreign workers, the Federal Government is expanding its Seasonal Worker Programme to help deal with farm labour shortages.
Source: ABC

Morrison could save $16b by restricting super contributions (9/02/2016)
Treasurer Scott Morrison could save $16 billion over four years by drastically limiting the amount of pretax earnings Australians can pump into superannuation every year.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Beer group Lion bites off 39 jobs at James Boag brewery in Tasmania (9/02/2016)
Beer and dairy group Lion will cut 39 jobs from its James Boag brewery in Tasmania as part of an overhaul of its national beer production.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

The art of quitting: how to get a resignation right (9/02/2016)
Resignations are history written not by the victors but by the ones who quit the field.
Source: Executive Style

The $24 billion cost of juggling work and famil (9/02/2016)
Juggling work and family commitments costs Australia about $24 billion in lost productivity every year, research has found.
Source: Australian Financial Review

The federal public service's 34,000 empty desks in more than 500 buildings around Australia (9/02/2016)
The federal government is to go national in its efforts to offload some of the hundreds of thousands of square metres of office space leased by Commonwealth departments but sitting empty.
Source: Canberra Times

Top public servants' pay bonanza (8/02/2016)
The federal government's top public servants have been given big pay rises, with some department bosses' salaries increasing by more than $60,000 a year.
Source: Canberra Times

'Substantial reduction' in jobs flagged at Groote Eylandt manganese mine (8/02/2016)
A substantial reduction in workers at the Northern Territory's remote Groote Eylandt manganese mine has been flagged by the mine's owner.
Source: ABC

nions to look at radical options to arrest declining membership (8/02/2016)
Under siege from a rampaging Turnbull government and an exodus of members, Australia's once mighty trade unions are secretly examining radical changes including dollar-a-week memberships in a bid to survive and then regain their industrial and political clout.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Miners marching home to the UK and Ireland from WA resources downturn (8/02/2016)
When geologist Chris Nellist was offered a job in Sydney after completing his masters at Leicester, he seized it with both hands.
Source: WA Today

Many casual workers fear losing their jobs if they speak up about pay, conditions (8/02/2016)
More than half the people who responded to a trade union report on insecure work say they fear losing their jobs if they speak up about pay or conditions.
Source: The Age

Underpayment claims at Spotless (8/02/2016)
Elaine Gray, a 75-year-old retiree, received a letter from her employer of more than 20 years in late November 2014 – and it wasn't an early Christmas card.
Source: The Age

Fast-track teaching program produces its first school leader (8/02/2016)
Teach for Australia, a six-year-old scheme that gives talented graduates a fast-track path to being a teacher, has produced its first school principal.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Male lawyers go part time to stay in the family way (8/02/2016)
The legal workforce could soon look different as law firms become more flexible, writes Marianna Papadakis.
Source: Australian Financial Review

HSBC to freeze hiring, salaries (8/02/2016)
HSBC will impose a hiring and pay freeze this year as part of its drive to cut as much as $US5 billion ($7 billion) in costs by the end of 2017.
Source: Australian Financial Review

n the game of office politics sometimes you must sacrifice a pawn to become queen (8/02/2016)
Many years ago, I applied for a promotion I desperately wanted. At the time, I was the highest performer in the department and so everyone, including me, unwisely expected the big fancy job to be mine. It wasn't. Despite going for three interviews and enduring one of those excruciating psychometric tests, I was duly informed my application had been unsuccessful. What was most intriguing, however, was the reason the executive gave for rejecting me.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald