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The ‘jobs growth’ myth leading us to breaking point (25/05/2017)
When the ratings agency S&P Global downgraded its outlook for the Australian economy earlier this week, it would have caught many people by surprise.
Source: The New Daily

Why You Should Pay Your Employees As Much As You Can (25/05/2017)
No matter what industry you’re in, the bottom line of most businesses is the same: to maximize profits at all costs.
Source: LinkedIn

The bank levy is suddenly an even better idea (24/05/2017)
The planned $6.2 billion bank levy was a good idea on budget night, and two weeks later it looks like an even better one.The planned $6.2 billion bank levy was a good idea on budget night, and two weeks later it looks like an even better one.
Source: The New Daily

Lorna Jane employee suing over alleged fat shaming had history of psychiatric issues, court told (23/05/2017)
A woman suing Lorna Jane over allegations of fat shaming had a lengthy history of psychiatric issues before she started working for the activewear company, a court has heard.
Source: ABC

Want a pay rise? TAFE could be the answer (23/05/2017)
Australia’s highest-paid graduates aren’t bankers, doctors or lawyers – they are TAFE students.
Source: The New Daily

The graduates about to ‘lose $19,000’ to the government (23/05/2017)
Female graduates earning $51,000 may have less disposable income than Australians earning $32,000 because of the Coalition’s latest budget, a new study warns.
Source: The New Daily

Latest jobs numbers for older female workers ‘very alarming’: experts (22/05/2017)
Experts have expressed dismay at a rise in the official measure of underemployment among Australian women aged 55 and over.
Source: The New Daily

How to spot a super thief (22/05/2017)
Most employees would be up in arms about money missing from their pay. But what if they don’t know about it?
Source: The New Daily

Why the super tax offset for low-income earners must stay (22/05/2017)
It’s hard to imagine anyone arguing that it’s fair for top income earners to enjoy tax breaks of 30 per cent on their super contributions, while the lowest income earners get nothing.
Source: The New Daily

Why women suffer from retirement shock and how to fix it (22/05/2017)
The gender pay gap in Australia is currently hovering around 19 per cent and the effect of women earning so much less than men has an impact that reaches way beyond their working lives.
Source: The New Daily

Industrial fight looms over ‘nuclear option’ (22/05/2017)
Labor and unions say employers are increasingly threatening to rip up workplace agreements and return their workers to less generous Awards rates as a negotiating tactic.
Source: The New Daily

Fox News fires Bob Beckel for 'making an insensitive remark' to black employee (22/05/2017)
Fox News on Friday announced that it had fired "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel for a remark he made to an employee of color.
Source: CNN

WA pay freeze: Some public servants to escape $1,000 wage hike limit (19/05/2017)
Some of the state's highest paid workers will escape the WA government's $1,000 limit on pay rises until late 2019, with doctors set to enjoy increases almost six times that amount.
Source: ABC

Sydney bus strike brings chaos for parents, students and peak hour commuters (19/05/2017)
Sydney commuters and motorists face more peak hour chaos, as bus drivers continue their strike against the New South Wales Government's plans to privatise services in Sydney's inner-west.
Source: ABC