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Union says some fly-in, fly-out camps are like prisons (27/05/2015)
Some fly-in, fly-out camps were like prisons and mining companies should be forced to pay a tax on beds, according to a union submission to a parliamentary inquiry.
Source: Courier Mail

Union says most jobs will go at ACTTAB (27/05/2015)
ACTTAB is being effectively dismantled, the union says, with most of the 90-strong staff at the betting agency to lose their jobs in the coming months.
Source: Canberra Times

Canberra's betting agency ACTTAB to cut 80 jobs by end of year, union says (27/05/2015)
Up to 80 staff at Canberra's betting agency ACTTAB will lose their jobs by the end of the year according to the union.
Source: ABC

Workers struggling to find new work after collapse of United Dairy Power (26/05/2015)
A former employee of United Dairy Power says most of his colleagues are struggling to find new jobs after being made redundant last month.
Source: ABC

Townsville Correctional Centre staffing fears spark union call for more night shift staff (26/05/2015)
A union representing prison workers says it has asked the Townsville Correctional Centre in north Queensland to roster more staff on night shifts, amid safety concerns.
Source: ABC

A manager who went to the cricket during work was unfairly dismissed, FWC finds (26/05/2015)
Being available on your mobile and email may not be enough when working flexibly. The Fair Work Commission found an employer had a valid reason to sack a fleet manager who went to his son's cricket carnival while he was supposedly working from home.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Furry fury as public servants depicted as rats (26/05/2015)
Striking public servants at the Commonwealth's largest department are furious after their bosses portrayed them on a computer screen as rats.
Source: Canberra Times

Public servants in Customs 'going ballistic' over Border Force pay offer (26/05/2015)
The "Australian Border Force" could face a revolt in its ranks from Customs and Immigration officers being asked to cop big pay cuts when they join the new outfit.
Source: Canberra Times

Young doctor blows the whistle on senior 'bully' neurosurgeon (26/05/2015)
A young doctor has accused a senior Melbourne neurosurgeon of being "extremely abusive" towards staff at Monash Medical Centre and says the hospital did not want to know about the constant fear she felt while working there.
Source: Canberra Times

When corporate wellness programs harm employee health (25/05/2015)
Swedish trucking company Scania believes in the 24-hour employee. Scania workers aren't just expected to be their best selves at work, they're expected to be their best selves all the time.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Public servants' new salary 'safety net' leaves a long way to fall (22/05/2015)
Federal public servants have a new pay "safety net", though its minimum wages are far below what almost all staff now receive.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Redundancy plans hide cuts: Labor (22/05/2015)
Redundancy savings of $360 million for 17 State Government agencies have yet to be allocated to individual departments - meaning the true extent of Budget cuts is yet to be revealed, the Opposition says.
Source: The West Australian

ABC takes public servants off the air (22/05/2015)
ABC radio stations around Australia slapped a broadcast ban on Bureau of Meteorology forecasters earlier this month to stop the weathermen and women taking their pay dispute to the airwaves.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Union warns against contractor tendered by TasWater for construction projects (22/05/2015)
A construction union is warning Tasmanian subcontractors to be wary of working for a Sydney firm contracted to build new water treatment plants in the state.
Source: ABC

'Sad day' for Cadbury as the chocolate giant sheds 80 jobs from Claremont factory (22/05/2015)
It is a "sad day" for Tasmania-based chocolate maker Cadbury Australia which will shed 20 per cent of its workforce from its factory in Claremont, unions say.
Source: ABC

SA Government cuts subsidies to 200 TAFE and vocational courses (22/05/2015)
Government subsidies for about 200 vocational courses in South Australia, including several with an automotive focus, will be scrapped because of low job prospects and completion rates.
Source: ABC

'Tunnel vision' bosses fail their workers (21/05/2015)
Senior executives are increasingly suffering "tunnel vision", meeting individual business unit targets but spending less time collaborating with managers and employees as they struggle to adapt to complex organisational structures.
Source: Australian Financial Review

EB Games district manager accused of bullying employees (21/05/2015)
A former employee of EB Games in the Wollongong region has accused the store's district manager of calling him a "faggot", pelting him with stock and referring to him as "the Indian" or Apu from The Simpsons.
Source: The Sydney morning Herald

Catholic teachers fume at pay rise delay (21/05/2015)
Anger is building among teachers in Catholic schools who are yet to receive the pay rise that public school teachers got six months ago.
Source: The West Australian

Expansion of Comcare will threaten workers' safety, says Australian Lawyers Alliance (21/05/2015)
Plans to expand the national workplace safety regulator's role was a "disaster waiting to happen", according to lawyers who say its past failures suggest it is not up to the task.
Source: The Sydney morning Herald

Unions urge tougher rules on surveillance by insurance companies (21/05/2015)
Better regulation is needed to stop surveillance by insurance companies intruding on the privacy of innocent people, the peak union body says.
Source: The Mercury