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Labor leader Bryan Green calls for federal intervention to save 280 jobs at Caterpillar (16/04/2015)
Labor leader Bryan Green has called for federal intervention to prevent the loss of 280 jobs from mining machinery manufacturer Caterpillar.
Source: The Mercury

Abbott to confirm parental leave levy gone (16/04/2015)
Prime Minister Tony Abbott will confirm a tax levy on big business won't go ahead, but small business tax cuts will be implemented from July 1.
Source: Yahoo Seven News

The corporate recruitment process is upside down (15/04/2015)
On the same day last month my daughter and I each got up, put on our best clothes and went off to be interviewed for different jobs.
Source: Australian Financial Review

PwC hires former David Jones boss Paul Zahra as diversity advisor (15/04/2015)
Professional services firm PwC has appointed gay former David Jones boss Paul Zahra and six others to its new diversity board, which will form a mandate in the next few months.
Source: Australian Financial Review

Caterpillar workers facing redundancies urged to continue fight for jobs in Tasmania (15/04/2015)
The Caterpillar Underground Mining workers who will be made redundant over the next 12 months as the company moves their jobs offshore have been urged not to "run up the white flag".
Source: ABC

Immigration public servants worth $10,000 each to local shops (13/04/2015)
Each of Canberra's Commonwealth public servants puts more than than $10,000 through cash registers in the town centre where they work, private sector research reveals.
Source: Canberra Times

Caterpillar Construction to cut 280 jobs from its Burnie plant as the company moves partly offshore (13/04/2015)
Mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Construction will shed 280 jobs from its Burnie plant as part of its operation moves offshore.
Source: ABC