You accepted the job... so where are you?


You accepted the job... so where are you?

What should you do if a new employee doesn't show up for work?


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We offered someone casual employment but he hasn't shown up for work. What should we do?

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Q We recently filled a casual position in our company however the successful applicant hasn't shown up for work, despite accepting the job and signing a contract of employment. We've made numerous attempts to contact the employee without success. 

Can we send him a letter saying that if he doesn't attend work within seven days we will consider he has abandoned the employment? Or can we just withdraw our offer of employment because of the lack of contact and inactivity? Our casuals are engaged with the intent of receiving ongoing work and becoming eligible for casual conversion in due course.

A The employer can continue attempting to contact the employee if they wish, but if they hear nothing there is no need to email a termination letter or similar because the employee hasn’t actually started work yet, so his employment has not begun (even though a contract was signed).

If the employee does make contact, and still wants to start work, the employer can decide at that point whether to continue or not.

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